Can I work during the program?

No, classes are conducted full time and there are additional expectations in regards to time commitments. Additionally, program participants are not under work visas and therefore may not seek employment while abroad.

Can the Business English First Lessons student participate in company visits?

Business English students don't participate in the mandatory visits. If any type of visit is made available to these groups, it will be informed by email.

Can this certificate be used towards future classes in my graduation/post-graduation course?

This may vary according to each University. Some may accept the credits based on the course content, syllabus and class hours. However, specific arrangement needs to be made directly with your home University. IBS is happy to work with your Institution to provide any and all materials required for a credit transfer process.

Do I have to bring with me any additional materials (laptop, etc)?

It is recommended, but not mandatory, to have a laptop. In addition to being used during classes, it will also assist you to complete the assignments during the course. if bringing your laptop is not an option, you can use the computers at the University or the hotel (if applicable).

If I am unable to attend the program as planned, can I postpone it to the next available intakes?

Yes, you can request up to 2 changes in the program date without any cost. It is important that the request is submitted 60 days prior to the course starts.

What are the requirements to attend the Advanced Programs?

The Advanced programs are designed for graduate students with a minimum of 3 years of working experience in their field of interest.

What is the level of English required to participate in the programs?

It is necessary for the student to have at least an intermediate level (for non-native speakers), since classes are taught 100% in English without translation. For Business English students, basic English level is accepted.

What is the profile of the companies that will be visited?

Students will visit companies operating in the market according to their area of study. It is expected that students take a very proactive stance, asking many questions for the company's representative. In the past, we have visited BM, Wells Fargo, Disney Company, WB Studios, Toyota, Ducati, Ferrari, and others.

When I arrive at the country, what do I have to do before the course begins?

There is no required attendance prior to the program's start. The weekend before the beginning of the courses in the United States, the staff will hold a Campus Tour, an optional activity that allows you to become familiar with the campus facilities and colleagues. Although this is an optional activity please consider that is important to know where you will be studying. We also suggest you arrive on the Saturday prior to the program starts in order to rest and get yourself prepared for the first day of classes.




What payment methods can be used?

You have two payment options: 1) Through StudyPay, using your debit or credit card. This is the most highly recommended one because it is fast, easy to use and to verify, and the charges are very low. 2) Through Bank Transfer, using the same system.


Are there any accommodation suggestion?

January: Ontario International Airport Hotel, Fairfield by Marriott or similar.
July: Students Housing. For more information, visit the website: https://laverne.edu/housing/residence-halls/
September: Ontario International Airport Hotel or similar.

January: Extended Stay America Extended Stay Hotel (most indicated) or Howard Johnson by Wyndham.
July: CSUN Housing.

January/July: College Valmarana, located inside the University. Best Western: located next to Altavilla train station, 1.7 km from CUOA Business School.

January: Hotel Fairfield by Marriott – SUNY Albany, near to the campus. It is the best option due to weather conditions.
July: Student Housing at New Paltz campus.

January: Travelodge London Covent Garden Hotels, Premier Inn London Holborn Hotel and Pickwick Hall, walking distance from the university.
July: University of London Housing - Lilian Penson, or similar.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. The university requires all students to have travel insurance or at least one health insurance to participate in the program. You must provide us with your insurance information in order to send it to the partner university. This is really important because accidents and/or health problems may occur without warning whether at home or abroad. Remember that health services for foreigners are expensive.

How can I meet other students from my Program / University?

You can join the Facebook group in which all the students participating in the same program are added. Besides that, in order to start the networking process, and to help you to organize your schedule with other students, we will make WhatsApp groups as well.

How many days before the program should I arrive?

We recommend you to arrive the weekend before classes start.

When will I receive information about accommodation, background readings, health insurance, etc.?

We start the trip preparing about 5 months prior to the start of classes. There is a schedule for sending all information and in addition to the written info we will also conduct two preparatory meetings prior to the trip, in order to give you more information about the university, the city, transportation, accommodation, meals, travel insurance and other items. The background readings will be sent approximately three months before the trip.

Which airport should I arrive?

In New York (Albany and New Paltz) it is recommended that students land at JFK. In California (CSUN and ULV) at Los Angeles - LAX.

In Italy (CUOA), the recommended airport is Marco Polo International Airport in Rome. In England (Pearson College), we recommend the Heathrow Airport. In Brazil (AIC), Guarulhos International Airport.

Which documents do I need to have with me for immigration at the airport?

Passport with a visa that is valid for at least six months after the return date, return tickets, proof of hotel reservation or exact address where you will stay and endorsement letter provided by IBS Americas.

Who makes the hotel reservations?

For students going to NY, the student dorm is reserved when you return your contract signed. For students who go to California or Italy, approximately one month before the start of the classes you will receive a link with all the necessary information for booking your accommodation.

Will there be someone waiting at the airport? How will it work?

It varies according to each destionation. For students attending the California programs, there is a service called Shuttle (van) that transports people from the airport to the hotel. This service is approximately $ 70.00 if booked on site and if scheduled in advance the costs may be lower, as you may check in the link: www.supershuttle.com.

For students who participate in courses in NY and Italy, there might be one arrival day and a single scheduled time at which an Assistant Professor will meet the group for a shuttle or bus ride to the region of the university.

Please note that this service is subject to change without previous notice.


After signing the agreement, what should I do?

In the 5 months prior to the program starts, there will be two preparatory meetings for the trip. These orientations are held online, broadcast through YouTube. They will present information about the University, the city, transportation, accommodation, meals, travel insurance, background readings, test of English and other items related to your travel and program. You will receive by email the information on the items above, in time to participate fully in the orientation. Please read all correspondence thoroughly, as all the information you receive is important.

What is the first step after being approved for the scholarship?

If your grant is approved, the first step is to complete the information requested in the agreement. When finished, you must sign it and send it along with the documents requested in the approval process of the scholarship.

When do I have to pay the tuition fees?

The agreement provides you with pre-set dates for the payment of the tuition fees, which may be changed if necessary. The enrollment fee must be paid within a week after the signing of the agreement.


Are the programs only for undergraduates?

To be considered for any of our courses, student must be regularly enrolled or have completed a course of undergraduate, graduate, MBA, masters or PhD study. There are different courses according to the current academic level of students.

Can I work with a partner that can complement my scholarship?

If you want to supplement the grant, we suggest you check with your company's HR office or the international mobility program in your university. Some universities or companies offer this type of benefit.

Does the scholarship include air tickets too?

No, the scholarship covers part of the tuition fees. The students are responsible for all the other expenses, like flight tickets, accommodation, meals, and transportation. During the Preparatory Meetings, we will provide you with the most affordable options available.

How can I get a scholarship?

You must meet the requirements mentioned in the program literature, fill out the Application Form, put all the information requested and then await the outcome of the process. On average, it takes five business days to review the application and, then, the student will receive a response via email when the grant is either approved or not.

How many scholarships are awarded by program? What is the average number of students per class?

The number of scholarships varies according to the availability of the sponsoring foundation of the universities. The application process for a scholarship does not imply costs. Regarding the size of the groups, generally, they are composed of 15-30 students.

Is it required to send a letter or any other document proving that I am currently enrolled in my Educational Institution?

Yes. We require either proof of enrollment or completion.

Is there any scholarship that covers 100% of the cost of the course?

No. The sponsoring college’s foundations prefer to offer a larger number of partial scholarship rather than a limited number of full scholarships. Despite being partial scholarships, they tend to cover a fairly large percentage of the course, making it easier to study abroad.

What are the prerequisites to participate in the selective process for the scholarships?

To participate in the programs and related grants, you must be over 18 years old, regularly enrolled or have completed an undergraduate or graduate course, and have an intermediate or better level of English for participation in the business programs, and at least basic level of English for Business English First Lessons.

What is included in the scholarship?

The scholarship covers the tuition fees of the program, lectures, guided tours to local companies, graduation ceremony, and the program material (it does not cover expenses, such as flight tickets and meals).

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How can I apply for the visa?

To apply for the visa, you must have a valid passport and schedule your appointment at the embassy. Approximately five months before your trip, we will send you all the information about this process, a step-by-step guide for you to use, and some tips for the day of your interview. Our course is classified by the American Consulate as a cultural exchange program for executives. The type of visa you must apply for is B1 / B2 (business/tourist).

How do I get an American visa? Does IBS provide some support?

The first step is to make an appointment at the Embassy of the United States. Note that you must apply for the business and tourism visa (B1/B2), not as a student, because the duration of our programs is not sufficient to apply for that kind of visa. We will send you an Endorsement Letter signed by the Dean of the university in which you will be studying. At the time of the interview is very important that you make it clear that you are travelling abroad in order to participate in a short-term business program.

In the US, do I have to leave the country after completing the course?

After completing the course, you may stay in the country as long as you do not exceed the time indicated in your visa, knowing that IBS Americas will not assist you after the program.

What can I do if my visa is denied?

If your visa is denied, you must remember exactly what the embassy official mentioned as the reason for the denial and keep the proof of deny of the VISA. Then, you should contact IBS, to receive new instructions and a new Endorsement Letter, so you can try to reapply.

Why can’t I apply for a student visa in the US?

The courses offered by IBS in the United States do not have the characteristics required to obtain a student visa (weekly workload and aim of the program). On the other hand, the Tourism and Business visa allows the student to extend their stay to visit other cities and has a validity of up to ten years. Before applying for your visa, please read the instructions and watch the video you will receive about five months before the start of the classes.

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