Competition Demystified: Blackberry Case Study

In this crash course you are going to learn what Entry Barriers are, what their role is in the Competitive Strategy and how this important tool can help you keep your company ahead of the competition.


Increase your revenue with Ansoff Matrix: Google Case Study

The main concepts of the Ansoff Matrix framework and illustrates how this important tool can help you with strategic planning of your company.


Price, Value and Performance: Tesla Case Study

The central concepts about Discounted Cash Flow, showing the relationship between Price, Value and Performance.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Microsoft Case Study

How a company can develop social actions and generate growing returns to its shareholders.


Porter’s Competitive Strategy: Netflix Case Study

A company can grow and remain a leader of a competitive market, despite its competitors’ growth.


Innovation Management: Embraer Case Study

How a company can be greatly innovative in highly competitive segments of the market, while not losing focus on its main products.


Balanced Scorecard: Uber Case Study

How the Balanced Scorecard methodology can be important for a strategic company management and growth.


Blue Ocean Strategy: Amazon Alexa Case Study

Learn the central elements of the Blue Ocean Strategy, one of the most important and influential ideas in Business Administration in the last years.

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