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IBS Americas offers short-term international courses, online crash courses and masterclasses with expert professors to help you advance your career.

International Executive

Professional extension courses lasting up to 3 weeks offered in partnership with universities in the United States, England and Italy.

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Crash Courses

The crash courses are offered in partnership with partner universities, with the objective of providing relevant knowledge in the field of Administration, preparing you to develop an international career.

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Lectures are given by professors and market experts from the US and Europe, who present new ideas and views on the business world. They are faculty members of our international programs.

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How to become a leader of a global organization?

A young professional seeking to build a career in the business world needs and desires a robust academic education, coupled with extensive international experience.

In a increasingly globalized and connected world, mastery of language and the ability to understand how different cultures and countries cooperate for business success makes a professional indispensable.

We are here to educate the future leaders of companies and public and private organizations. Professionals like you, who will make a difference for a better world. You can be sure that our programs provide the foundation you need to take a further leap in your career.

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Depoimentos de Alunos da IBS Americas

January - 2023

Dener de Souza Ambrosio

Leadership in an Age of Disruption

January - 2023

Nicolas Noal

Marketing & Value Management

September - 2022

Florencia Beatriz Glusman

Advanced Topics In Business Strategy

July - 2022

Alizon Girón Gil

Operations, Logistics & Lean Management

July - 2022

Mayra Alejandra Mora

Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy

January - 2020

Martín Huaytalla Oré

Strategy and Marketing for Emerging Countries

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