Advanced Topics in PMO Governance

About the course

Short-term Professional Development Program Abroad

Program Theme

This course delivers a comprehensive overview of international Project Office (PMO) best practices. Participants will learn how to establish, manage, and evolve PMOs to drive innovation, operational efficiency, and strategic execution.


Targeted towards Project Office (PMO) leaders with academic credentials (such as an MBA in Project Management or equivalent) and over 5 years of project management experience, this course is designed for professionals dedicated to excelling in PMO leadership. The program aims to enhance skills and expertise to promote innovation and strategic effectiveness. It is perfect for managers overseeing intricate project portfolios, providing them the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle management obstacles and guide their teams and organizations towards success.


Upon completion of this program, participants will have the skills to:

  • Set up a high-impact PMO: Establish a robust framework, set strategic goals, and integrate the PMO with the organization's ethos.
  • Demonstrate exceptional management: Deploy efficient methods for project planning, control, monitoring, and assessment.
  • Foster continuous improvement: Adjust the PMO to meet organizational requirements by embracing innovations and new technologies.

Advanced Topics in PMO Governance

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

  • Free Business English module in California
  • Guidance and documents for obtaining the US Visa

  • Academic Preparation and Logistics for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Classes taught by professors with extensive academic and professional experience
  • Two meetings with local executives within the schedule of activities
  • The course provides an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and networks with other PMO leaders and experienced project management professionals
  • Expand your network of contacts and deepen your understanding of the best international PMO practices


Project portfolio management (PPM) and the alignment of corporate strategy with portfolio and project management decisions, prioritization, and resource allocation; Defining methods of project selection, evaluation, and success criteria; Understanding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concepts and their application in project-based organizations; Tracking project performance and developing comprehensive reports for management and other stakeholders. Business Cases and Company Visits.

PMO Models – control, support, and strategic roles; Roles and responsibilities of the head of the PMO and the PMO team; Interaction with the board of directors and other stakeholders; Effective communication and collaboration with project managers and other decision-makers; Best practices for establishing and enforcing project management frameworks, standards, methodologies, and the governance structures; Fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Business Cases and Company Visits.

Software tools for PMO operations and best practices for managing priorities, allocating resources, and managing project portfolios; Leveraging technology to streamline project oversight, monitoring and controlling, and reporting within the PMO structure; Implementing performance measurement systems and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for effective project supervision, leadership and decision-making; Data analytics and project metrics in making informed project decisions. Business Cases and Graduation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Program participants receive two certificates:  

Certificate in Executive Management – for the thematic courses in the areas of administration 
Business English Program – for the Business English module ]

Consult your university for additional hours and credits. 

Since the programs are 100% in English, to participate in the business-themed programs, the minimum level of English required is intermediate, and for the Business English course, the elementary level of English is fine.

The Advanced programs are designed for graduate students with a minimum of 3 years of working experience in their field of interest.

Professor Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business.

  • Location
    Northridge - United States
  • Dates
    3 weeks (January or July)
  • Investment
    U$ 8,090 + Enrollment: U$ 90
    Check opportunities for partial scholarships
  • Program Profile
    Full-time classes and lectures
  • Workload
    80 class-hours (classes, lectures and talks)
  • Additional Activity
    Business English module included in the program with 27 class-hours
  • Students per Classroom
    From 15 to 30
  • Certification
    Certificate in Executive Management and Business English
  • Language
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