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About the course

Short-term Professional Development Program Abroad

Program Theme

Speak with confidence the business language. Intensive 3-week program focused on improving fluency in the business context.


Adults interested in developing essential knowledge in business English.


The student will develop the mastery of the English language with a focus on vocabulary and expressions of the business world, enhancing its fluency and acquiring security in its communication within the business context. Enabling new professional challenges and developing your career from a global perspective.

Business English - ULV

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

  • Guidance and documents for obtaining the US Visa
  • Academic preparation and logistics for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Native teachers with experience in teaching classes for foreign students; 
  • Leveling students for greater use of classes; 
  • Course offered in partnership with ELS, an institution with experience of more than 50 years in the teaching of the English language;  
  • Optional visit to the port of Los Angeles;


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Testimonials from IBS Americas students who attended University of La Verne

July - 2022

Carol Evangelista

Business English - ULV

January - 2016

Victoria Schmitz

Business English Firts Lessons


Everyone receives learning materials, including a specific Business English book - Intelligent Business - developed in partnership with “The Economist”.

Activities along with the program: Students receive an extensive list of companies, organizations and events, to choose their visits according to personal interests. There is no translation or tutorial in these events. In some cases, such as museums, the student may request a headset for simultaneous translation.

* After taking the English proficiency exam, students are placed into groups with others of similar skill-sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program participants receive two certificates:  

Certificate in Executive Management – for the thematic courses in the areas of administration 
Business English Program – for the Business English module ]

Consult your university for additional hours and credits. 

Since the programs are 100% in English, to participate in the business-themed programs, the minimum level of English required is intermediate, and for the Business English course, the elementary level of English is fine.

The students will visit companies active in the local market or receive representatives at the university for lectures according to the course's area of study. It is expected that students have a very proactive attitude, asking interesting questions to the representative of the organization.

Professor Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business.

  • Location
    La Verne - United States
  • Dates
    3 weeks (January or July)
  • Investment
    U$ 5.065 + Enrollment: U$ 90
    Check opportunities for partial scholarships
  • Program Profile
    Classes and optional visits
  • Workload
    60 class-hours (lectures, talks and company visits)
  • Additional Activity
    Company visits and local events (no translation)
  • Students per Classroom
    From 15 to 20
  • Certification
    Certificate in Business English
  • Language
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