Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

About the course

Short-term Professional Extension Program Abroad

Program Theme

Internet Technology aligned to the business strategy of the organizations.


Professionals interested in Digital Marketing, IT Management and Digital Technologies fields.


Empower managers in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Technology in the development of the organization's business strategies. To know the concepts of Internet of Things and their applicability in the innovation, competitiveness and sustainability processes of organizations.

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

  • Free Business English module in California
  • Assistance and documents to obtain the American Visa

  • Academic Preparation and Logistics for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Classes with specialist professors, with vast professional experience at executive levels;
  • Participants will attend 2 mandatory company visits and can also attend an optional visit to the Port of Los Angeles;
  • Learn to align business strategies with new digital technologies;
  • Learn processes of Digital Revolution and the Internet and their impact on innovation and business sustainability.

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Testimonials from IBS Americas students who attended California State University, Northridge

July - 2022

Romaric Yougbare

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

January - 2022

Dewi Pratiwi

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

January - 2020

Vicente Soto

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

January - 2020

Lydia Crespi

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution

January - 2020

Felipe Sens Bonetto

Digital Companies & E-Business Revolution


The digital revolution and the start?up environment; utilizing technology in business analytics; artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology in the marketing industry; developing marketing growth; conceptualizing a start?up idea in the digital environment.

The impact of technology: data, information and knowledge; packaging and selling consumer information: regulation and self?regulation; openness and boundaries with Big Data: privacy and cybersecurity; supply chain of information: costs of convenience and data?driven decision?making.

Startups disrupt industries with a speed?to?revenue mindset, fail?fast hustle and disintermediation vision. Their success is attributed to marketing tactics like growth hacking, lead generation and user?centric development. Entrepreneurs can leverage new technologies to speed up their growth, while being conservative in costs. This interactive seminar will review emerging technologies and tools the audience can leverage in their go?to?market strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the programs are 100% in English, to participate in the business-themed programs, the minimum level of English required is intermediate, and for the Business English courses at SUNY and ULV, the elementary level of English is fine.

The Advanced programs are designed for graduate students with a minimum of 3 years of working experience in their field of interest.

Yes, you can request up to 2 changes in the program date without any extra cost. It is important that the request is submitted 60 days prior to the course starts.

Professor Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business.

  • Location
    Northridge - United States
  • Dates
    3 weeks (January or July)
  • Investment
    U$ 6,740 + Enrollment: U$ 90
    Check opportunities for partial scholarships
  • Program Profile
    Classes and company visits in a full-time basis
  • Workload
    80h classroom/activities/ company visits
  • Additional Activity
    Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes
  • Students per Classroom
    From 15 to 30
  • Certification
    Certificate in Executive Management and Business English
  • Language
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