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Responsabilidade Social Corporativa: Estudo de Caso da Microsoft

Investors and CSR: Friends of Foes? Neither of them. The question is who decides how much green shareholders want.

Estratégia Competitiva de Porter: Estudo de caso da Netflix

“Lean” packages of cable TV or other streaming services? Follow the segmentation of the increasing multimillionaire television market.

Gestão da Inovação: Estudo de caso da Embraer

“Most companies die not because they do the wrong things, but because they keep doing the right things too long.” Yves Doz.

Balanced Scorecard: Estudo de Caso da Uber

Uber: An unprofitable company worth billions. But those who look only to the past or present? Are certain to miss the future.

Blue Ocean Strategy: Amazon Alexa Case

Despite its slowing sales growth in the e-commerce industry, Amazon managed to increase its revenue up to $232.89 billion in 2018 by constantly improving and introducing new products...