Mergers & Acquisitions: Economic & Business Perspectives

About the course

Short-term Professional Extension Program Abroad

Program Theme

Economic and managerial foundations in the conduct of mergers and acquisitions of companies.


Consultants, professionals and students with an interest in the areas of Finance, Business Strategy, Economics and Business.


Empower participants of key concepts and techniques to plan and conduct a business merger or acquisition negotiation. Theoretical knowledge and analysis of practical cases of companies that seek to restructure their business portfolio, evaluating the feasibility and prospects of shareholder trading.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Economic & Business Perspectives

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

  • Free Business English module in Florida
  • Guidance and documents for obtaining the US Visa

  • Academic Preparation and Logistics for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Professors are PhDs with vast professional experience at executive levels;
  • Participants will attend 2 mandatory company visits.


Deal structure and due diligence; Process of Negotiation in M&As; Negotiation and Contract for the Purchase and Sale of Ownership; business cases. 

Selecting the Right Acquisitions; companies’ drivers for growth; restructuring company’s business portfolio; Capturing Value in Acquisitions, business cases.

Capturing scale and scope economies in M&A; supply, demand, and pricing decisions; economic feasibility assessment; business cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

The students will visit companies active in the local market or receive representatives at the university for lectures according to the course's area of study. It is expected that students have a very proactive attitude, asking interesting questions to the representative of the organization.

Program participants receive two certificates:  

Certificate in Executive Management – for the thematic courses in the areas of administration 
Business English Program – for the Business English module ]

Consult your university for additional hours and credits. 

The Advanced programs are designed for graduate students with a minimum of 3 years of working experience in their field of interest.

Professor Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business.

  • Location
    Sunny Isles Beach - United States
  • Dates
    3 weeks (January or July)
  • Investment
    U$ 4,900 + Enrollment: U$ 90
    Check opportunities for partial scholarships
  • Program Profile
    Classes and company visits in a full-time basis
  • Workload
    80h classroom/activities/company visits
  • Additional Activity
    Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes
  • Students per Classroom
    From 15 to 30
  • Certification
    Certificate in Executive Management and Business English
  • Language
    January or July
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