Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

An intensive program focused on strategic management current themes.

Target: Undergratuates interested in Marketing

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To discuss Strategic Thinking current challenges in organizations, enabling the participant to formulate initiatives in the search of competitive advantages for companies.


Certificate in Executive Management and Business English



Full day classes and activities for 3 weeks - 75h in classroom and 5 hours of extra activities

Additional Activity:

Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes

Classroom Dynamics:

Theoretical classes, cases discussions and practical activities


PhD professors from the university, with great academic and professional experience




January or July

Number of Students in Classroom:

15 - 30


U$ 8,079 + U$ 90 - Check opportunities for partial scholarships
Up to 16 installments


1st week: Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Overview of strategic management. Main thoughts/schools/models of strategic management. General environment; Industry Analysis (Porter's Five-force Model of Competition). Value Net analysis and Game Theory model. Company Visits and Business Cases.

2nd week: Environmental and Internal Analysis

Hyper-competition, Disruptive Changes, and New trends of Strategic Management at Information Age. Strategy and Society. Capability, Knowledge, Competency Analysis. Company Visits e Business Cases.


3rd week: Building Competitive Strategies

Cost Leadership Strategy; and How to fight with cost leaders; Differentiation Strategy; Sourcing Strategy/Vertical Integration/Diversification Strategy; International Strategy. Entry Modes; Global strategy; Transnational strategy; Strategic Implementation; Back Bay Battery Strategic Simulation from HBS. Business Cases and Graduation Ceremony.


Gabriela Skoczylas
Strategic Thinking
Gabriela Skoczylas
Strategic Thinking

Program information

  • 80h classroom/activities/ company visits
  • January or July
  • English
  • U$ 8,079 + Enrollment Fee: U$ 90
  • Up to 16 installments
  • 15 - 30
  • Certificate in Executive Management and Business English

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State University Of New York

State University Of New York


Belonging to the State of New York, SUNY was founded in 1828 and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, with more than 150 programs in several fields. The institution has offered programs coordinated by IBS Americas since 2011. They are the same programs, with the same content, cost and structure, taking place at each of the campuses of the institution, which issues its certificate to the participating students. The faculty of the university is formed exclusively by PhDs with great academic and professional experience. With this, the profile of the classes reflects a typical approach of American education: a strong focus on case studies. The leading theory presented by the teacher is confronted with business cases that will be the subject of debate with the students.

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