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Increase your revenue with Ansoff Matrix: Google Case Study

The main concepts of the Ansoff Matrix framework and illustrates how this important tool can help you with strategic planning of your company.

Price, Value and Performance: Tesla Case Study

The central concepts about Discounted Cash Flow, showing the relationship between Price, Value and Performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Microsoft Case Study

How a company can develop social actions and generate growing returns to its shareholders.

Porter’s Competitive Strategy: Netflix Case Study

A company can grow and remain a leader of a competitive market, despite its competitors’ growth.

Innovation Management: Embraer Case Study

How a company can be greatly innovative in highly competitive segments of the market, while not losing focus on its main products.

Balanced Scorecard: Uber Case Study

How the Balanced Scorecard methodology can be important for a strategic company management and growth.

Blue Ocean Strategy: Amazon Alexa Case Study

Learn the central elements of the Blue Ocean Strategy, one of the most important and influential ideas in Business Administration in the last years.