Educational Project and Teaching Methodologies

Educational Project and Teaching Methodologies

To offer Undergraduate (Bachelor and Technologist) and Graduate programs, AIC brings to Brazil a unique educational project in the context of Brazilian Higher Education.

The goal is to mold graduates who stand out for their profound academic training, broad worldview and the solidity of their commitment to ethics.

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Based on their preferences and needs, the student can choose the ideal composition between face-to-face classes at the Paulista Campus, Florida Campus, and at the other campuses of partner universities abroad. The student can also decide whether to pursue a diploma only, or a national or international double degree, among other choices made under the individualized guidance of the Academic Advisor.

. For face-to-face classes in Brazil, the student can opt for a more intense university experience, with weekly face-to-face classes, or with intensive face-to-face courses, ideal for those who live outside the city of São Paulo. For students living in other locations, the curriculum will allow options such as classes on Saturdays or in intensive modules of two weeks per semester, with the other activities being carried out online.

In addition to the mandatory courses, there is a wide range of optional courses, taken on the Florida campus and at partner universities abroad, for students to focus their studies on areas of knowledge that interest them. With the individualized support of Academic Advisor, academic training meets the student's professional expectations and preferences.

With face-to-face classes at the Paulista Campus, Florida Campus and other partner universities abroad, in addition to online classes with Brazilian and foreign professors, students will have access to teaching that explores the best learning opportunities. The disciplines are carefully evaluated to define the ideal format for their development, involving teachers from various parts of the world and the experience in Brazil or abroad for contact with different social and business realities.

Credit transfer agreements with universities around the world allow our students to obtain two degrees: a Brazilian diploma recognized by the MEC and a diploma issued by a foreign university of their choice. A unique opportunity to expand your training and professional possibilities abroad. The international double degree usually comprises 3 years of study in Brazil and 2 years of study abroad. Similar solutions will also be available to Graduate and Short Term Undergraduate students (Technologist).

Through an innovative curricular integration, students of a Bachelor's degree program can simultaneously attend a second Bachelor's degree program adding 30 to 40% of specific subjects to their set of academic obligations.

Business management and production and consumption relationships today are mediated by the intensive use of software to support management, data analysis and operations control. Mastering the main tools used by public and private organizations around the world, understanding their logic and their role in the corporate world is a relevant competitive differential for AIC program graduates.

Training the future managers of large global organizations is the central role of the programs of IBS Americas, the business school of Faculdade Americas International College. And to fulfill this role in a context marked by new technologies, students will have access to knowledge and resources to foster their entrepreneurial spirit, either to start a new business or to lead the digital transformation of existing organizations. Its insertion in these companies is supported by a broad and well-managed internship program, with agreements signed with companies from the main economic centers worldwide.

The curriculum flexibility, the options of degrees and certificates, the different possibilities of taking courses at the Paulista Campus, the Florida Campus and other universities abroad, as well as other characteristics of the AIC educational project, are decisions which require student guidance. In classrooms with a maximum of 40 students or with individualized guidance from the Academic Advisor, the participant in AIC's programs is viewed as a successful future professional who receives all the support necessary to reach his or her full potential.