Campus Florida

Campus Florida

Florida is the fourth largest economy among American states, with a modern and diverse production sector. With tourism as its most visible face, Florida's economy is based primarily on the technology, financial services and services sector. Florida is now one of the world's great centers for fintechs and incubators, offering great opportunities for those who want to become entrepreneurs, work in the startup ecosystem, or in the financial market.

Students attending classes at IBS Americas' Florida Campus benefit from this rich business environment in different ways. Courses include visits to companies and contacts with executives on campus, as well as opportunities to build a network and open a business. And our professors, in addition to having a solid academic background, provide services as managers and consultants for companies in the region, developing activities that put them in direct contact with companies that are leaders in their sectors. This means bringing into the classroom what is most current in terms of management practices.

In addition to classes and business visits, students at IBS Americas' Florida Campus enjoy a wide range of services and attractions in the region. With dozens of theme parks, forest reserves, beaches, shopping centers and a vibrant nightlife, Florida is a perfect place for international students, with plenty of activities for evenings and weekends off. IBS Americas’ Campus is located in the building of our educational partner, the MILA (Miami International Language Academy) language school, in Sunny Isles Beach, a city located in Miami County, 20 miles from downtown Miami.

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The campus is located in the town of Sunny Isles Beach, located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It is a tourist region, with hundreds of hotels, resorts, flats and residences available for rent. During the preparation of the trip, we suggest the best options for our students and we suggest the formation of pairs or small groups to share expenses according to their preferences and needs.

Being a place with a variety of services nearby, it is possible to do a lot on foot depending on where you stay. However, if you want to get around more, you can use Uber or rent a car during your stay.

There are several dining options in the Campus region, as well as nearby shopping mall food courts, such as Millennium Plaza, Intracoastal Mall, and Aventura Mall (the second largest in the USA), among others. For those who want to use the Campus Kitchen, it is possible to order food through Delivery apps, such as Doordash.

Florida offers leisure options for all tastes. From Disney, Universal and Six Flags theme parks, to some of the most sophisticated museums in the world, to beaches and forest reserves, IBS Americas’ Florida Campus students have an extensive list of activities to enjoy on evenings and weekends off.