We interviewed our Pearson College London student, Filipe Alves!

26-year-old Filipe de Souza Alves and his family are the head of a successful company: Implantec Health Care Technology®, an institution that provides services to several areas of Health. With great knowledge in Business Strategy, it is correct to say that his profession goes beyond chance – it is in the blood. Born in Belo Horizonte and attending his last year of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Filipe attended our Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy program in January 2018, at Pearson College London.

Get to know the experience of our student in a British college, the contemporary view on Business and a little of his history, which is synonymous with restlessness: the search for knowledge is of great value in his life.

You attended the Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy course at Pearson College London. What was the most remarkable experience you had there?

What struck me the most was having contact with Business English. I have already had contact with academic English, but nothing focused specifically on business. I did not have the knowledge of what was happening in Europe, & how Strategic Management is operated there. So, it was very important to get that perspective, which is taught in a very interactive way. The professors are excellent, and the classmates were extremely helpful in the development of the classes.

Being immersed in a business-driven course and city, was incredible. I know it’s not possible for everyone to have that opportunity, but I wish that is was more accessible. I think it is important for the development of everyone to have this experience.

What was the most meaningful learning you received from professors?

I have difficulty applying what I learn in the classroom to what I do in day to day practice but, they managed to bridge the relationship of learning and what to do in real life. One thing I had trouble doing, for example, was knowing how to apply a SWOT analysis in practice. That was a very significant gain.

What professional trait did not have your attention before, but developed in you after the course?

Analyze a company broadly. Before, I analyzed it thinking that each function worked separately, but after this course I see that all the people that integrate a company are multitasking. If people work in a complementary way, performing their function and being able to perform other functions, the company is complete.

What made you realize that you needed to invest in an international executive program?

We have a family business. I will graduate soon and my brothers and I want to take over the company, but to take over a business, we need knowledge, and there is no better way to seek knowledge than by going outside the country. Knowledge here in Brazil is something I have, so I wanted to seek knowledge in another culture, to see how things worked there, because the situation they are living in Europe is very different, compared with the situation we are living here in Brazil.

Was studying always something important to you, or did it come about as time went on?

There are few areas that I have pleasure in studying. In Business, Management, etc., I study alone because it’s something I like. Every fifteen days I have a class with a professor, also my mentor, where we learn about Harvard cases, MBA, and so on. We analyze decision-making in several companies and in different areas, this way I can acquire knowledge, both for life and for business. I like it.

Why did you choose IBS Americas?

I researched a lot before choosing. I’m a very curious person. So, I wanted to know who IBS Americas was: what they do, what the courses are like, etc. The initial contact came thanks to Prof. Ricardo, because he has a communication with my University and I received an email containing some details about the courses that were being offered by IBS. I thought about this at home and decided to send my resume to see if I would be granted the scholarship. I was already looking for something to develop a part that I had not developed yet, which is the Business area. So, I was looking for something other than a conventional exchange. It was a research process and cost-effective. I do not go straight choose without thinking or searching. And it was worth it!

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Top questions about IBS Americas programs

Do you have questions regarding our programs or selection criteria for our scholarships? Check out our Frequently Asked Question, below!

1. How do I choose the best program for me?

On our website, you can view the specific details of each program we offer and use our “Compare Programs“ tool to help you narrow down and identify the best course for you. If you are still uncertain about which program you’d like to attend, you can also contact our team for additional support. To speak with our coordinators, send an email to info@ibs-americas.com.

How do I obtain a scholarship?

First, you must complete and submit an Application Form to identify your preferred program, as well as supply your personal and academic information. Our Enrollment Advisors will analyze your Application Form and will inform you whether your scholarship was approved or not.

3. Can I apply for more than one program? And more than two scholarships?

No. We recommend you choose a program that is most beneficial and relevant for your profile. If you are not sure which program is right for your development, feel free to contact us.

4. How can I complete my enrollment?

After being accepted, you will receive a contract. Once you complete and return the contract you will receive the information necessary to make the payment of the tuition and enrollment fee.

  • You can pay up to 16 installments the tuition fee and the program must be fully paid 45 days prior the program starts. Once the enrollment fee is paid, you will have two years to use the scholarship. During this time, the program course and/or location can be changed. *with certain limitations*

5. Does IBS Americas assist students regarding passport/visa, accommodation etc.?

Yes. Five months prior to your course, we will begin Orientation Sessions online, where you will directly engage with our coordinators and receive travel preparation information and can ask additional questions you may have.During this time, you will receive all necessary documents to assist you with your passport/visa meeting at the consulate. You will also receive special pricings at hotels nearby the University you will be attending. There are a few programs where student can stay at the university’s dorms.

6. Should I be fluent in English?

Fluency is not required for any of our programs, but understand that the entirety of our thematic courses will be held in English. To ensure an optimum experience for yourself and your classmates, you should have at least an intermediate ability.

If you do not feel you are an intermediate speaker, we still have a great option – The Business English Module. It’s specifically designed for entry level English speakers who would like to challenge themselves and accelerate their proficiency by being completely immersed in the language.

7. Does IBS Americas require any language certification, such as TOEFL and TOIEC?

No. If you already have a certification of this type, and can provide proof, you will not be required to complete the English Proficiency Assessment.

8. I have not graduated yet. Can I apply for the programs?

Yes, although, at of the travel, the student must be enrolled in the 3rd year of university – international universities require enrollment proof.

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What is Marketing 4.0?

Today’s ever-changing society has a deep impact within the sectors of marketing. These transformations force companies to research on how to better understand customers’ needs and wants – this allows them to adapt their marketing based the data collected.

As technology develops, so does our need to understand new ways to effectively use these cutting-edge tools to improve our ability to market effectively. Over the years, the evolution of these strategies has evolved from 1.0 (product), 2.0 (consumer) and 3.0 (values) and will continue to grow as new methods become available.

Philip Kotler, a highly respected specialist in the area, assisted by Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan, launched the book Marketing 4.0, which addresses the characteristics of the theory that emerged after discovering the changes in consumer behavior as a result of the application of newly created technology & digital advancements.

Companies can perform better in profits, sales and in their treatment of their workers and employees if they define what values to bring to each group. Marketing is about value creation, communication and delivery, so the country or the company needs to think not [of how] to manipulate the consumer, but what consumers would benefit from, then deliver and communicate it.”
Kotler said in an interview to American Marketing Association*.

Implementing Marting 4.0:

Combine the online and offline world using the Omnichannel strategy.

Brands must now find ways to increase and improve their digital footprint by encouraging consumer testimonials, social media reviews, and incentivized referral system that rewards buyers for their support and loyalty.

Consumer sentiment is paramount.

This phase of marketing is more personal than the previous ones, identify your target audience and create a humanized connection between the product and them.

Adaptation of products and services to the digital era.

Reaching the consumer on the internet is paramount to the growth of the company metrics. Social networks are a powerful source and the number of followers and reviews are considered by potential consumers.

The content is essential.

Creating content is no longer just a trend and has become a Marketing strategy. Creating relevant content on the web and fueling the company’s multiple channels adds value in and attracts the attention of potential customers.

In the past, the brand differential was exclusive. This has changed.

The brand gains more credibility as it reaches consumers from other cultures and countries. The company needs a global presence.

The flow of influence and creation is horizontal.

Learning happens mutually between businesses and consumers, both providing information to each other.

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Why do companies seek to hire professionals who have studied abroad?

An increasingly globalized market requires professionals to equip themselves with the tools that allow them to work within and across various Countries and cultures. Studying abroad provides professionals the opportunity to gain insight and build cultural awareness which transforms them into exactly the type of individual that Companies are hungry for. Do you want to know why?

An international experience is one of the most distinguishing factors you can have on your CV, but is that all? With a heightened global vision, you not only become a more skilled professional, but you create a greater impact in the future of economic change.

So, what are the skills that companies are looking for and most of all, and how are these sharpened by studying abroad? From a professional standpoint, your willingness to study abroad shows a lot about your character and work ethic, but let’s explore some other reasons why companies value this experience:

A sociable person

We can’t deny that character and personality are a vital part in the selection process during interviews. Companies want to hire someone who will contribute to the efficiency of a workplace, not take away. A sociable person, open to dialogue makes will fit in better with the natural dynamics of the office, which creates a more comfortable work environment for everyone. When you decide to study at an international university where you don’t know anyone and are surrounded by a mix personality types, and cultures, this is essential.

A person who stands out

Your international experience is a differentiating factor from the mass amount of other CVs that the company will receive. What’s more, it demonstrates that you are willing to accept challenges. Think about it: you most likely took classes in a 2nd language, learned to navigate yourself in a strange environment, cared for yourself and managed to finish your studies in a totally different style of teaching. The financial and personal risk involved is a strong highlight of your initiative in self-improvement.

A person with different perspectives

A company is looking for someone to enhance the company with innovative ideas. An international program guarantees that you have been exposed to other insights & perspectives and that you will be able to utilize these fresh approaches.

An adaptable person

Even if you already have experience in the job, when you start your career in a company, everything is new. You need to adapt to new routines, schedules, bosses, co-workers, deadlines, demands, etc. As an international traveler, you have proven your ability to adapt to items on a larger scale: you lived and thrived in country, alone. This represents a considerable level of maturity.

There is no doubt that this experience will open doors in your professional career, But keep in mind that we should be eternal students. We must always seek learn and improve, because new technologies, processes and sectors arise every day and, as a professional, you must be ready for this reality.

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