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What is the impact that Marketing & Value Management has in the lives of Marketing professionals?

Ruth María Rodríguez Ferreiros, 40, lives in Spain and attended our program in July 2018 at University at Albany – State University of New York. Responsible for the Department of Commerce and Internationalization, she is an outstanding professional in this area, with qualifications such as Company Management, Marketing 2.0 specialization, Google Apps and Coaching.

Check below the testimonial of our student regarding this international experience!

This program’s objective is to develop a critical analysis of our students to solve Marketing problems. When you came back to your country, do you think you were able to implement this skill?

Yes, when I came back to the office, the first thing my boss and colleagues asked me was “What did you learn? Did you bring something new for us?!”. So, I created a briefing to explain what I have learned in this program.

More than being a company, we assist other organizations in Marketing and Internationalization, Traditional Marketing, social media, web, etc. I am the Coordinator of the team, every strategy I use was learned at UAlbany. I have already bought some of Dr. Zwanka books to increase my knowledge, because he has experience in the food area, which is the area of our most important clients.

Your class visited the company Overit and UN headquarter. How was this contact with New York business reality?

I realized that companies in New York work in a different way in their country. Here in Spain, we are more conservative; there, they innovate more. We are a little behind the leader, the one that does things for the first time. In general, companies don’t allow Marketing innovation, or even other fields of Business. This is the main technic we have to learn and practice.

You have an amazing background! Why did you decide to invest in an international executive program?

I thought that going to a different country as the United States (specially New York) and studying in a university recognized globally, I would develop my English and professional skills. This experience was more than this, I met people and amazing professors, our class were very friendly even though we had different ages and culture.

Your colleagues were from different nationalities. This exchange of culture that you had during the program helped you to increase your Marketing view?

We had people from China, Turkey, Brazil (Brazil is a huge country, seeing the differences inside this country impacted me a lot). I learned with every single one of them, how they react to the market, different perspectives regarding the same product, saying what we do in Spain, hear what is done in Brazil, China and Turkey.

What would you say to a student that is starting to take his/hers first step in the Marketing field?

First, you have to be curious and observer, willing to learn new things. I would recommend an experience like IBS Americas offered me – knowledge from immersion is much more enriching.

Having in your CV an intensive program in Marketing in a foreigner university, specially in New York, is not something you see frequently. When companies are hiring it means a lot: a month studying in a university abroad, taking classes in another language, etc., is something very positive for young people starting to create their career. I recommend this experience to my family, friends, everyone!

Which attitude was essential to get where you are?

The fact that I like my job. You will work with this every day for eight or ten hours, and when you are in a profession like Marketing, you will se advertisements in social medias, television, outdoors, analyzing all of this. Next, of course, is to surround yourself with people that share the same desire to learn and work.

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