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Universidade Paulista

  • Founded in 1988, UNIP is a modern private university, one of the 5 biggest Brazilian universities. The program is hosted at the New Campus Center building, an important center for development and dissemination of knowledge at a post graduate level. Its main purpose is to develop the potential of students by establishing conditions which allow an easy inclusion into the labor market and creating situations similar to the ones faced in companies.


  • Composed of researchers, the faculty members are PhDs, MSc and specialists in their fields of expertise, concerned about transmitting cases to students which complement the content of the classes.


  • State of art building with modern classrooms, library, cafeteria and Wireless Internet.


  • UNIP – Universidade Paulista, situated in the heart of Sao Paulo, city. The course is offered close to Av. Paulista, a safe modern area where the Sao Paulo financial center are located.

Programs Available

  • - Strategy & Marketing for Emerging Countries + Survival Portuguese - Strategy & Marketing for Emerging Countries - Survival Portuguese

Universidade Paulista


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