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SUNY - Albany

  • Founded in 1828, it is a giant system of Public Institutons of Higher Education that dwells within the great State of New York. It offers a wide variety of programs in several areas of study. In 2009, the University was ranked 8th among the best Public Universities in the United States.


  • Componsed of top researchers, the professors are experts in their field of study, and are always looking to offer the students the most current, real-life scenarios that greatly enriches the classroom content as well as creating an environment of deep discussion and the exchange of ideas among the students.


  • Modern Classrooms, Library, Sports Complex, Cafeteria and Wi-Fi Internet


  • Business English program included.


  • We manage a successful scholarship program for students and executives with interest in the courses provided at SUNY - Albany. The scholarships are cover a majority portion of the program tuition fees.

What to do in addition to studying

  • New York is one of the largest tourist centers in the world. The students will have the opportunity to visit places such as: Times Square; Wall Street, that holds the New York Stock Exchange; Broadway, that offers famous plays and musical events, among some of the other top tourist destinations in the World.


  • In January the programs take place at SUNY – Albany, and in July they take place at SUNY – New Paltz.

SUNY - Albany

SUNY Albany

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