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University of La Verne

  • University of La Verne – ULV is one of the most traditional and respected American universities. Founded in 1891, it is a non-profit private institution associated with a foundation that supports students from all over the world. Located in California, 50 minutes from Los Angeles, it is in the center of the richest American state, in the city of La Verne.


  • Modern and equipped classrooms, computing center, Wireless Internet, restaurant and a library with countless resources like the Virtual Library, where students have access to over four million articles


  • Situated in the city of La Verne, California, 50 minutes away from Los Angeles.

Competitive Advantages

  • The ULV programs provide students with courses of various levels: graduate for undergraduate and graduate students from different areas and advanced offered to professionals with more than 3 years of managerial experience and specific academic studies in Post-Graduate level; The course is offered in California, the biggest industrial center of the United States and near large fairs organized in the region; The program offers a Business English module included in the specialization course syllabus.


  • We manage a successful scholarship program for students and executives with interest in the courses provided at University of La Verne. Besides, we have established partnerships with institutions around the world which offers excellent scholarship opportunities to its students.

University of La Verne


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