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University of La Verne

California, USA

University of La Verne – ULV is one of the most traditional and respected American universities. Founded in 1891, it is a non-profit private institution associated with a foundation that supports students from all over the world. Located in California, 50 minutes from Los Angeles, it is in the center of the richest American state, in the city of La Verne.

CUOA Business School

Vicenza, Italy

Fondazione CUOA - CUOA Business School is one of the most active teaching centers in Administration in Europe. Founded in 1957, it is a Business School supported by Padova, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Ca’Foscari and IUAV (Venice) e Verona.

SUNY- New Paltz

New York, USA

The International Business School Americas is a partner of one of the most traditional education institutions in New York: State University of New York. SUNY is a great system of higher education public institutions that belongs to the state of New York. Founded in 1828, the university offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs, with more than 150 programs in different areas.

California State University, Northridge

Califórnia, USA

California State University was founded in 1857. With 23 campuses and eight University centers, currently is the largest Public University in the United States. The campus in which the course is taught, Northridge is located 20 minutes from Hollywood.

Universidade Paulista

São Paulo, Brazil

Founded in 1988, UNIP is a modern private university, one of the 5 biggest Brazilian universities. The program is hosted at the New Campus Center building, an important center for development and dissemination of knowledge at a post graduate level. Its main purpose is to develop the potential of students by establishing conditions which allow an easy inclusion into the labor market and creating situations similar to the ones faced in companies.

Pearson College London

London, England

Pearson College London is one of the most modern and renowned independent Higher Educational Institutions in the UK. It is the only company listed on the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index (FTSE 100) delivering degrees in the UK. Their faculty members are experts in several knowledge areas, among them, Innovation, Accounting, Law, and Marketing.

SUNY - Albany

New York, Estados Unidos

Founded in 1828, it is a giant system of Public Institutons of Higher Education that dwells within the great State of New York. It offers a wide variety of programs in several areas of study. In 2009, the University was ranked 8th among the best Public Universities in the United States.