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Survival Portuguese

  • Provide students with some introductory notions on the portuguese language.
  • Target: Young professionals, investors and foreign students from all over the world
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Program goals

  • The course aims at providing students with some basic communicative aspects of the Portuguese language.


  • Participation Certificate


  • Workload: Full day classes and activities for 2 or 3 weeks (depending the month) - 27h in classroom and 10 hours of extra activities
  • Additional Activities: Guided visits to enterprises and organizations - 10h (transport to company visits included)
  • Classes dynamics: Interactive classes, consisting of role plays, pair and group acitvities
  • Faculty: MSc. professors from the university, with great academic and professional experience
  • Date: January, July and August
  • Number of students in class: From 10 to 15


  • U$ 1.510 + Enrollment. U$ 90 - See Scholarship Programs
  • Up to 10 installments

Survival Portuguese

27h in classroom and 10h of extra activities.
January, July and August
U$ 1.510 + Enrollment. U$ 90
Up to 10 installments
From 10 to 15 students in class
Participation Certificate
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Universidade Paulista


Founded in 1988, UNIP is a modern private university, one of the 5 biggest Brazilian universities. The program is hosted at the New Campus Center building, an important center for development and dissemination of knowledge at a post graduate level. Its main purpose is to develop the potential of students by establishing conditions which allow an easy inclusion into the labor market and creating situations similar to the ones faced in companies.

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