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Competitive Project Management

  • An overview on how to manage project and create competitive advantages to companies.
  • Target: Undergraduates interested in Project Management
  • Enrollment Period: Request more information

Program goals

  • To discuss current topics concerning Project Management.


  • Certificate in Executive Management and Business English


  • Workload: Full day classes and activities for 3 weeks - 75h in classroom and 5 hours of extra activities
  • Additional Activities: Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes
  • Classes dynamics: Theoretical classes, cases discussions and practical activities
  • Faculty: PhD professors from the university, with great academic and professional experiences
  • Date: January
  • Number of students in class: From 15 to 30

Program content

  • Project examples; Needs identification, Project Selection, RFP models; A&D High Tech Case; Introduction to SharePlan Central (in lab); Proposed solutions, The project, Planning the project; Proposal example, Scheduling, SharePlan scheduling in lab. Company visits and Business Cases.


  • U$ 7.470 + Enrollment. U$ 90 - See Scholarship Programs
  • Up to 10 installments

Competitive Project Management

75h in classroom and 5 hours of extra activities
U$ 7.470 + Enrollment. U$ 90
Up to 10 installments
From 15 to 30 students in class
Certificate in Executive Management and Business English
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SUNY Albany

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