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Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy

  • The newest and relevant views on Business Strategy.
  • Target: Undergraduates interested in Business Management
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Program goals

  • The program aims to develop the critical and creative spirit of the participants, enabling them to lead managerial change processes of strategic nature in their organization.


  • Certificate in Executive Management


  • Workload: Full day classes and activities for 3 weeks - 75h in classroom and 5 hours of extra activities
  • Additional Activities: Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes
  • Classes dynamics: Theoretical classes, cases discussions and practical activities
  • Faculty: PhD professors from the university, with great academic and professional experience
  • Date: January and July
  • Number of students in class: From 15 to 30


  • £ 3,500 + Enrollment. £ 70 - See Scholarship Programs
  • Up to 10 installments

Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy

75h in classroom and 5 hours of extra activities
January and July
£ 3,500 + Enrollment. £ 70
Up to 10 installments
From 15 to 30 students in class
Certificate in Executive Management
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Pearson College London


Pearson College London is one of the most modern and renowned independent Higher Educational Institutions in the UK. It is the only company listed on the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index (FTSE 100) delivering degrees in the UK. Their faculty members are experts in several knowledge areas, among them, Innovation, Accounting, Law, and Marketing.

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