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Operations, Logistics & Lean Management

  • The search for competitive advantages by world class operational and logistics management excellence.
  • Target: Undergraduates interested in Administration
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Program goals

  • To deepen knowledge in Logistics, Operations and quality control using, as a reference the concept of lean manufacturing (Toyotism) applied to factories and services.


  • Certificate in Executive Management


  • Workload: Full day classes and activities for 3 weeks - 80h in classroom and 8 hours of extra activities
  • Additional Activities: Visit to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, or the Fashion District of Milan, Italy
  • Classes dynamics: Theoretical classes, cases discussions and practical activities
  • Faculty: PhD professors from the university, with great academic and professional experience
  • Date: January and July
  • Number of students in class: From 15 to 30


  • € 5.457 + Enrollment. € 60 - See Scholarship Programs
  • Up to 10 installments

Operations, Logistics & Lean Management

80h in classroom and 8 hours of extra activities
January and July
€ 5.457 + Enrollment. € 60
Up to 10 installments
From 15 to 30 students in class
Certificate in Executive Management
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CUOA Business School


Fondazione CUOA - CUOA Business School is one of the most active teaching centers in Administration in Europe. Founded in 1957, it is a Business School supported by Padova, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Ca’Foscari and IUAV (Venice) e Verona.

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